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Platform Python Released Size MD5
Linux [64-bit] 3.5 2017-05-12 574.7 MB dcf43d700ee4a65d9b3fad2fbdf9fd94
Linux [64-bit] 2.7 2017-05-12 697.7 MB b8791b9d6ff5ff9352aaccbb26cb6f0c
macOS [64-bit] 3.5 2017-05-12 463.9 MB 56a4f77415b63b426e9a91a584fa1b3b
macOS [64-bit] 2.7 2017-05-12 571.9 MB e232bd5357e2f990ac707721f6a08eb7
Windows [64-bit] 2.7 2017-05-12 513.6 MB 691043de1e71e2685a0ab8ad80381883
Windows [64-bit] 3.5 2017-05-12 431.2 MB bb25a87117234e9d2860265c14cb4eb1
Windows [32-bit] 3.5 2017-05-12 350.0 MB d07f0e3826a7ef47882b0604c457dda8
Windows [32-bit] 2.7 2017-05-12 420.8 MB 38675c447e0c7b5e00c6aa5a84a2a520
Platform Python Released Size MD5
Linux [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 619.8 MB a2510ac37a4ab3079ea4aa728ff31b0e
macOS [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 437.3 MB 889a2e2beb7dfd8e77b40ba8f603b387
Windows [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 439.8 MB 06789a12d906fa83f6e1558615b722de
Windows [32-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 378.3 MB e4d15c65200bce24d42c02b359371718

About Canopy Express

Canopy Express is free for all users and includes access to over 450 pre-built, tested, and dependency-aware Python packages, plus an integrated analysis environment.

Additional features, such as a Data Import Tool, graphical debugger and variable browser, online training courses, and technical support, are also available with a Canopy subscription plan.

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Canopy Academic

Are you a student or staff member at an academic institution?. Request a Canopy Academic License for additional benefits.

Are you taking an edX/MITx course that recommends Canopy? Registration in an edX/MITx course does not make you eligible for an academic license and an academic license is not necessary for edX/MITx courses. Please download Canopy Express for your course.

Python Training from the Pros

With Canopy you’ll have a robust environment and tools for working in Python. Now learn how to maximize your results with training from Enthought’s experts.

Live Classroom Training

Onsite and open classes at locations across the United States and Western Europe:

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Online Courses

Online Python Training designed for the unique needs of scientists, engineers, analysts and quants.

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