By downloading Canopy you acknowledge your acceptance of all the terms and conditions of the applicable license.

Which version should I download?

  • Pick the most recent version of Canopy unless your organization requires you to use a specific version.
  • Pick the Python version you expect to use most often. You'll be able to use another Python version when you need to, from within the same Canopy installation.
  • If you are on Windows, 64-bit is the most common by far. Choose this unless you know that your Windows itself is 32-bit.
  • If you are upgrading from Canopy 1.x, please read this before beginning installation.
  • For details, see "Installing a new Canopy version".

About Canopy Express

Canopy Express is a free license for all users. It provides access to the standard Canopy installers, and includes access to over 450 pre-built, tested, and dependency-aware Python packages, plus an integrated analysis environment.

If you have a Canopy subscription, please log in to access full package installers.

Standard Installers

Platform Python Released Size MD5
Linux [64-bit] 2.7 2018-03-07 708.6 MB a77a9dd8a5eba1c6fbf8d5aec2f032c1
Linux [64-bit] 3.5 2018-03-07 609.8 MB 939123ae7f53aa382589d319075a259c
macOS [64-bit] 2.7 2018-03-07 575.1 MB f375939bd1b97de4a8f9e8bfe19637df
macOS [64-bit] 3.5 2018-03-07 477.5 MB bef7bd77810b847e81c212ed5ce6b8dc
Windows [64-bit] 2.7 2018-03-07 519.2 MB 22cf3021b6c3a55d77246c2492250a93
Windows [32-bit] 2.7 2018-03-07 425.5 MB cffb7ee34c917c8b6036b9771b9c9678
Windows [64-bit] 3.5 2018-03-07 447.7 MB 63c961c00f0b54c7d607a344ab5e7246
Windows [32-bit] 3.5 2018-03-07 365.1 MB 2e2a0ee2e6a8fa8bfcf22a8b91bd0876
Platform Python Released Size MD5
Linux [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 619.8 MB a2510ac37a4ab3079ea4aa728ff31b0e
macOS [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 437.3 MB 889a2e2beb7dfd8e77b40ba8f603b387
Windows [64-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 439.8 MB 06789a12d906fa83f6e1558615b722de
Windows [32-bit] 2.7 2016-07-21 378.3 MB e4d15c65200bce24d42c02b359371718

Python Training

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